Test & Production Automation

Looking to standardise on a test platform or automate your production test process?

In an ever challenging environment Redback Test has assisted a variety of companies from different industries move toward automation. Whether your interest is in semi-automation or inline automation we have developed and project managed a range of projects that have assisted our customers improve their manufacturing efficiency, optimise line balancing and provided significant cost savings.

Our automation experience includes:-

  • Pneumatic automation
  • Specification development and project management
  • Mechanical side activation of High Current, USB, RF, FireWire & Ethernet Ports to name but a few
  • CAT4 Safety including Light Curtain integration
  • PLC integration and development, multiple platforms
  • Multi protocol experience such a Powerlink, Modbus, CAN, Serial, TCIP etc
  • Linear ball screw drives
  • Stepper Motor controls
  • Design, manufacture, wiring and testing of electrical control cabinets
  • Software automation control including database integration to MES systems
  • HMI solutions for production automation
  • Modular systems with replaceable fixtures nest for extreme flexibility
  • In-Line Automation Test Systems
  • Vision systems for product verification and visual recognition
  • Fixed industrial barcode scanner integration, partnering Datalogic Australia
  • Laser marking systems for end of line test stations, partnering Datalogic Australia


Over the past 15 years this has led Redback Test to develop multiple unique Universal Test Station platforms. These platforms are available in series of different sizes and serse as a platform to assist Redback Test design your specialised test & automation solution.

Coming soon a selection of pictures from our latest 'hall of fame' projects.

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