ingun Test Probes

With over 30,000 variations in over 400 series Ingun offers the most diverse range of contact solutions from standard test probes through to our unique RF Test Probes.

Ingun offers the largest assortment of test probes worldwide with test probes designed and 'Made in Germany' since 1971.

With a commitment to innovation and excellence you can be assured our test probes provide superior 'German' durability, robustness and ensure a higher 'Mean Time Between Failure'.

We keep over 80,000 test probes in stock locally with around 300 variations at all times, non-stock items are only 8 business days away courtesy of a highly efficient 'German' just in time production system.



High-Current-Test-ProbesThe ingun test probe range includes:-

  • Fine Pitch, 25mil (0.64mm & above)
  • Standard ICT / FCT, 100mil, 75mil, 50mil, 40mil
  • Long Stroke ICT / FCT 100mil, 75mil, 50mil
  • Lead Free High Energy Test Probes
  • Battery Contact / Short Stroke Test Probes
  • Pneumatically Activated Test Probes
  • Switch Probes (acts as Normally Open Switch)
  • Bead Probes (test point on net trace)
  • High Current range, 8-400Amp
  • Screw-In Test Probes for automated applications
  • Rotating Test Probes for contaminated test applications
  • Flying Probe Test System Probes
  • Cable Harness Test Probes
  • RF Test Probes (Test Point/Connector)
  • Dipole Test Probes (for Kelvin Measurement)
  • Digital Signal Test Probes (Connector)
  • Customised solutions, over 360 per annum delivered by the Ingun R&D team
  • NEW ingun E-Type Fusion series for Lead Free & Contamination due to OSP coatings


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