INGUN Marking Units for reliable and permanent marking with compact units.
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02 Sep 2014

For permanent marking of PCBA's offering precise and reliable marking.

INGUN marking units are designed for use in industrial testing, marking 'good' tested PCB boards with a permanent circular marking (2mm). These units are available with two different drive systems and are mounted in a test fixture or specialised equipment.

Advantages of the Ingun scribe markers include:

  • robust & compact design
  • best in industry performance and reliability
  • precise and infinitely variable positioning
  • wear-resistant
  • replaceable tip
  • 12V electrical drive or pneumatically operated
  • permanent marking available on a variety of surfaces

Download the INGUN Marking Unit PDF brochure here.

For more information or to purchase INGUN Marking Units contact Redback Test Services now.


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